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Design, manufacture and checking of one-phase boost voltage transformers.

D. Soler R. Chao P. Frías M. Ventosa

October 2002 - December 2004

Funding entity Unión Fenosa

The first aim of the project is to develop an easy-to-use software which, after studying each low voltage profile network problem, gives the best solution among the following ones: using one-phase boost voltage transformers at the consumer?s, using three-phase boost voltage transformers in the low voltage network, changing the size of feeders.

The second objective is the design, manufacture, and checking of three 20kVA one-phase boost voltage transformers for low voltage networks. This devices has been designed to be installed anywhere in the low voltage networks, in order to achieve the new quality standards through all the line.

The third objective is the redesign of the previous circuit board, which includes this improvements:
- Hardware design:
o Use a more efficient and versatile microcontroller.
o Circuit board redesign for the new microcontroller.
o Layout design of the new circuit board.
- Software design:
o Switching in zero current.
o Data storage system.

    Research topics:
  • *Smart grids


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