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Design of robust controllers for damping power system inter-area oscillations

L. Rouco A. Elices D. Laloux

July 1998 - June 1999

Funding entity EDF (Electricité de France)

The aim of the project is the extension of the methods currently used by EDF for designing its four loops voltage regulators to address more accurately the damping of inter-area oscillations. The main feature of the regulator designed by EDF is its robustness with respect to variations of the operating conditions. However, a simple model of the power system (single machine infinite bus) is only considered and it may be a too hard constraint to control properly inter-area oscillations.
IIT will bring to this project its long experience on analysis and control of small-signal stability of large power systems. More specifically, IIT has developed methods for location and coordinated design of power system stabilizers based on eigenvalue sensitivities. These methods use a highly detailed representation of the power system. But, in contrast to EDF’s approach, they produce designs only valid for one operating condition.
This project will try to incorporate some features of the IIT’s approach to the EDF method. It will be investigated how to improve the power system model considered by EDF. Several alternatives will be considered: eigenvalue sensitivities, dynamic equivalencing via Selective Modal Analysis, etc.
The project will also include small-signal stability studies study of realistic cases of the French-Spanish system at different operating conditions to gain insight of the characteristics of the inter-area oscillations. SMAS3 program package will be used for this purpose (SMAS3 is a comprehensive computer program package for analysis and control of small signal stability of large power systems developed by IIT). The proposed methods will also be checked in the such test cases.

    Research topics:
  • *Stability: large disturbance stability, tuning of frequency loadshedding schemes, excitation control, small disturbance stability, tuning of power system stabilizers, identification of AVR and governor models


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