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Train consumption estimation and assignation for the energy invoicing system of RENFE

A. Fernández-Cardador A.P. Cucala B. Vitoriano E. Pilo C. Sicre J.R. Jiménez-Octavio J. Muñoz L. Rouco

May 2004 - May 2007

Funding entity Indra

In this project new models of train consumption are investigated and developed, to be used by the energy invoicing system of RENFE. This invoicing system includes measures of consumption in substations, measures of onboard equipment in some trains, data transmission to the control centre, connection with the traffic supervision system of RENFE (SITRA), and data management of all this information to obtain monthly the energy cost of each train. This cost is assigned to the appropriated substations.
IIT is responsible for estimation models of energy cost of each train, including: theoretical models of train driving and consumption, statistical models, costs assignation to substations and computation of energy losses.

    Research topics:
  • *Railways power systems


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