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ENERGOS: technologies for the automatic and intelligent management of future distribution networks

P. Linares T. Gómez (en excedencia desde 05/May/2011 hasta 07/Oct/2013) P. Frías R. Cossent R. Rodrigues O. Lago

July 2010 - December 2012

Funding entity Unión Fenosa Distribución

Participated by Gas Natural, Indra, SAC, ZIV, DIMAT, Ormazabal, Otros

The main objective of the ENERGOS Project is to develop knowledge and technologies to move towards the implementation of Smartgrids. The ENERGOS project is within the CENIT Program 2009. Gas Natural and Union Fenosa are the leaders of the Project, and many leading Spanish electricity companies integrate the Project consortium. The IIT will collaborate with Unión Fenosa in different tasks. Firstly, barriers for the implementation of Smartgrids and its economic assessment will be analyzed. Then, the economic involvement and barriers for the integration of micro-generation in active demand management will be studied. Finally, an economic and regulatory analysis on the metering of different end-user services using the electricity network will be performed.