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Project ENERGOS: technologies for automated and intelligent management of energy distribution networks of the future

S. Alexandres C. Rodríguez-Morcillo J.D. Muñoz Frías A. Cabetas E. Alonso D. Contreras J. Juárez Montojo

January 2010 - December 2012

Funding entity Sistemas Avanzados de Control (SAC)

The goal of project ENERGOS «Technologies for automated and intelligent management of energy distribution networks of the future» is the development of knowledge and technologies that advance the deployment of intelligent networks.
The main technological challenges of intelligent networks, are tackled in different lines of work of the project. In the area of business management, includes the development of technologies for the creation of new environments operation of the network (including tools for simulation and estimation of states), the active demand management and the planning and optimizing.
In the area of platform integration and communication, will work on the processes of acquiring and processing information in real time (with the difficulties of the large volume of information being generated and the criticality of its availability), the infrastructure necessary for the management and recharging of electric vehicles and the requirements of supervision and control of micro.
Smart network devices, new techniques include signal acquisition, the development of intelligent devices and energy recording equipment automation network.
The consortium, led by natural gas - Unión Fenosa Distribución, has the presence of a leader in technologies such as Indra and prestigious companies in the electricity sector as ZIV, AIA, Ormazabal, SAC, Diagnostiqa and the technology sector information as Visual Tools, Brainstorm, Prodevelop, and Indra Answare Software Labs.

    Research topics:
  • *Automation, Communications and Industrial Informatics
  • *Smart grids