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Project information

Power quality improvement using power-electronic converters

A. García-Cerrada P. García-González

December 2002 - November 2005

Funding entity Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología

This project focuses on the control and adequate utilization of Active Power Filters (APF) which are those electronic devices designed to compensate the perturbations that may contribute to poor quality of the supplied electricity: unwanted reactive-power flows, load harmonic currents, unbalanced loads, etc. The objectives of this project can be summarised as follows:
- Definition of the necessary control systems for series, parallel or series/parallel APF´s to handle harmonic currents produced by typical loads. It is important to guaranty that the load is not affected.
-Evaluation of series/parallel active filters to compensate voltage sags.
-Investigation of the global-quality problem in a distribution network to elaborate a good-practice guide for distribution companies.