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Project information

Future scenarios within the Framework DENISE (Intelligent, Secure and Efficient distribution of electricity)

E. Lobato T. Gómez R. Cossent

April 2007 - March 2008

Funding entity Endesa Servicios

Participated by AICIA, CIRCE, Institut Futur, Cap Gemini, DS2, Endesa Energía, Sadiel

The project CENIT-DENISE is a project financed by CDTI developed by a consortium of firms and research centers whose objective is the research of the future electricity networks that will enable an intelligent, secure and efficient production and distribution of electricity. The consortium is leaded by Endesa Servicios.
The activity Future Scenarios within DENISE corresponds with subtask 2.1 integrated in task 1 «Reference framework for future networks» coordinated by Endesa Servicios. Among the participants of the consortium several research Centers (AICIA, CIRCE, Institut Futur, and IIT of Comillas University) are participating in the task.
The project will describe future networks (including distributed generation, active response of demand, and networks), in the different components (regulation, technology, economy) by a comprehensive review of different national and international initiatives. As a result long term future scenarios of an integrated intelligent grid will be outlined.