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Modelling and quantifying maintenance strategies and human actions

F. Nieto C. Ibáñez M. Lopez C. Oliver S. Galushin

November 2005 - November 2009

Funding entity Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear

The present project is the prolongation of a previous project dedicated the assimilation of the methodology of probabilistic safety assessment (PSA). It intends to initiate long term collaboration between both parts in the fields of Probabilistic Safety Analysis and Dynamic System Simulation. The new objectives are the examination and study of new methodologies for the quantification of the probability of failure due to maintenance strategies, and the extension to the study of the probability of failure due to human actions. The impact of those actions into organizational issues will be considered. The application of this work will be the Probabilistic Incident Analysis (Precursor Analysis). This will consolidate the work done in the previous project «Development of a methodology for Probabilistic Analysis and Dynamic simulation» sponsored from the CSN at 2004. The tasks for this project are:
• Consolidation and implementation of the tools developed in the previous project
• Integration of those tools into the set of computational tools and codes used and developed at the CSN
• Development of applications for those new methodologies, and assessment of their convenience into those applications
• Investigation and generalization of quantification techniques

    Research topics:
  • RAMS Analysis compliance with the regulations IEC 61508, Quality Control and Assurance


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