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Project information

Economic and regulatory analysis for an active demand management

P. Linares J. Rivier C. Batlle A. Conchado P. Rodilla M. Vázquez R. Rodrigues

January 2007 - December 2010

Funding entity Consorcio GAD

The objective of this research project is to perform the economic and regulatory analyses included in the CENIT project for Active Demand Management. This includes an analysis of the economic costs and savings associated to those active demand management actions which may contribute to optimize the net social benefit, i.e., both from the customer and from the system point of view; and an analysis and design of the different regulatory alternatives required to achieve the maximum efficiency levels. To that end, an exhaustive analysis of the international experience in this area is carried out, and an integral model to allow and incentive an active demand management is designed, as well as its implementation strategy.