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Project information

Methodology for allocation of social funds Comunidad Madrid

E. Aracil D. Roch Dupré R. Mota G. Gomez-Bengoechea

February 2021 - March 2021

Funding entity Comunidad de Madrid

The General Directorate of Social Services and Social Innovation of the Department of Social Policies, Families, Equality and Natality of the Community of Madrid sends us the need to review the current system of indicators for the allocation of funds dedicated to social benefits intended 54 city councils with more than 20,000 inhabitants -except for the Madrid City Council- and 16 mancomunidades. The current system, under the figure of a single agreement, dates from 2018, distributing the funds according to three main items: poverty and exclusion (60%), child poverty (20%) and prevention of dependency (20%). This system of distribution indicators takes into account aspects related to population and per capita income. The General Directorate of Social Services and Social Innovation requests the technical review of the current system, its weighting, and the proposal of additional indicators that reflect the social and economic reality of the affected groups, in order to improve the transparency and social impact of the funds. intended for social services.