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Design and impact of a harmonised policy for renewable electricity in Europe

P. Linares C. Batlle M. Rivier L. Olmos F. Bañez A. Ramos P. Frías C. Fernandes A. Conchado J.C. Romero P. Rodilla

July 2011 - December 2013

Funding entity Comisión Europea

Participated by Vienna University of Technology, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Re, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, University of Oxford, Becker Buttner Held, Czech Technical University in Prague, AXPO Austria GmbH, Ecofys b.v, Institute for Resource Efficiency and Energy Strategies (IREES), Energie Baden-Württemberg AG (EnBW)

The work will comprise a detailed elaboration of feasible policy approaches for a harmonisation of RES support in Europe, involving five different policy paths - i.e. uniform quota, quota with technology banding, fixed feed-in tariff, feed-in premium, no further dedicated RES support besides the ETS. A thorough impact assessment will be undertaken to assess and contrast different instruments as well as corresponding design elements. This involves a quantitative model-based analysis of future RES deployment and corresponding cost and expenditures based on the Green-X model and a detailed qualitative analysis, focussing on strategic impacts as well as political practicability and guidelines for juridical implementation. Aspects of policy design will be assessed in a broader context by deriving prerequisites for and trade-offs with the future European electricity market. The overall assessment will focus on the period beyond 2020, however also a closer look on the transition phase before 2020 will be taken.
The final outcome will be a fine-tailored policy package, offering a concise representation of key outcomes, a detailed comparison of pros and cons of each policy pathway and roadmaps for practical implementation. The project will be embedded in an intense and interactive dissemination framework consisting of regional and topical workshops, stakeholder consultation and a final conference.

Project funded by European Union, within Intelligent Energy Europe Programme:

    Research topics:
  • *Analysis of sustainable energy policies


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