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D. Nicolás Mariano Morell Dameto

Current position:
Research Assistant
Association date:
SM26. P-405
Phone Number:
+34 91 542-2800 ext. 2964

Areas of interest:

Integration of renewable and distributed energy resources in power systems Economics and regulation of the energy sector.


Nicolás Morell Dameto was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1993. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree (2016) and Master’s Degree (2018) in Industrial Engineering, major in power engineering, at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Additionally, he holds a Master in Electricity Markets from the Illinois Institute of Technology (2018), which he received as part of a double-degree program. After working as an electricity market operator/analyst at Fortia Energia, he joined the Institute for Research in Technology as a research assistant on March 2019. His research topics are in the field of smart grids and regulation with emphasis on electricity tariffs design.

Invited Conferences and Seminars

  • Seminar "Revisiting electricity network tariffs in a context of decarbonization, digitalization, and decentralization". Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica. Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Jul 2020.
  • Seminar "Energy smart meters for energy poverty assessment". Cátedra de Energía y Pobreza. Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Jan 2020.

Media and research dissemination

  • "The Spanish experience with dynamic tariffs". Florence School of Regulation. Italy. (Nov 2020)

Fellowships and Awards

  • Fellowship "Beca Iberdrola de ayuda a la investigación en energía y medio ambiente". Iberdrola. Madrid (Spain). Jun 2019.