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Dña. Nereida Bueno Guerra


Current position:
Visiting Researcher
Research Area:
Membership dates:
01/May/2022 - 01/Oct/2023


At the professional level within the academy she was considered the youngest professor in Spain at the age of 21 and the second best university professor in Spain (ABANCA, 2019). Since then she has accumulated 13 years of teaching in four areas: Basic Psychology (Basic Psychological Processes, Psychology of Memory, Thought and Language), Evolution (Ethology, Human Evolution and Behavior), Artificial Intelligence (Human Cognition and Artificial Intelligence), and Forensic Psychology (Victimology, Penitentiary Psychology, Theories of Criminality). Since 2017, she has been the Academic Coordinator of Criminology at Comillas Pontifical University, where she teaches as Tenure-Track Professor, although she also teaches some subjects at other universities, such as UAM or Cardenal Cisneros. Professionally, outside the university, she has delivered psychological workshops in several penitentiary centers and carries out multiple scientific dissemination activities. Therefore, not only his training is interdisciplinary but also his lines of research and teaching, which allow her to work with varied groups of professionals (engineers, biologists, philosophers, lawyers...) in projects funded by public (e.g., Ministry, H2020) or private (e.g., Health Research La Caixa) organizations.

Current research interests:

1. Basic Psychology: language rehabilitation through dubbing software (Health Research La Caixa).

2. Evolution: cognition in different animal species and comparison with human cognition, influence of hormones on behavior.

3. Artificial Intelligence: Turing Test in ChatGPT. I am also interested in applying my knowledge of thought and language to language processing systems in artificial intelligence as well as in reflecting on the change in the concept of human being caused by the new functions of artificial intelligence.

4. Forensic Psychology: prevention of child sexual abuse through the development of evidence-based video games (H2020 Rayuela), reviewing prison treatments or interviewing victims (Proyecto Propio); adjustment of criminal law to the objectives of the 2030 agenda and to the population at risk of exclusion (Proyecto Aristos Campus Mundus).

Conference Papers

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Invited Conferences and Seminars

  • Round table "What about ChatGPT? Artificial intelligence in higher education; Implications, challenges and opportunities". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Mar 2023.
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