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Dr. Luis Díez Maroto


Research Assistant
Research Area:
Electric Power Systems
Membership dates:
FR3. P-102


Luis Díez-Maroto received in July 2008 the M.Sc degree in electrical engineering from the ICAI-Universidad Pontificia de Comillas de Madrid. He wrote his final master thesis as an intern in Elytt Energy. The topic was the design of the ITER\'s Poloidal Field Coils. During the next year and a half he worked as a Research Engineer in Switzerland for Alstom Switzerland Ltd in a collaboration project, which involved both the ICAI in Madrid and the EPFL in Lausanne. That collaboration project became a doctoral thesis about synchronous turbogenerators static excitation improvement and impact on the grid.

Journal Publications

Conference Papers

International exchanges

  • Aug - Dec 2014, Smart Transmission Systems Laboratory (SmarTSLab), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Stockholm (Sweden).
  • Nov 2008 - Mar 2010, Electrical Calculation Team of the Critical Technology Electrical Design (TEPENRC), Alstom. Birr (Switzerland).
  • Sep - Oct 2008, Laboratoire de réseaux électriques, EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne). Lausanne (Switzerland).


  • "Static exciter system for generators". Owner(s): Alstom Technology Ltd. Priority country: Switzerland. (Nov 2015)
  • "Static exciter of a field winding and method for operating the same". Owner(s): Alstom Technology Ltd. Priority country: Switzerland. (Jul 2010)

Other Activities

  • Member of the Governing Board. Asociación/Colegio Nacional de Ingenieros del ICAI. Madrid (Spain). Jun 2012 - Apr 2015.

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