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Dr. Julio Montes Ponce de León


Research Area:
Smart and Sustainable Grids
Membership dates:
SM26. D1


Julio Montes Ponce de Leon, born in Madrid , the 24 th of April 1932. Master in Physics (1954) Doctor in Sciences (1961) Diploma in Nuclear Engineering at Harwell, U.K. Project Manager for two UNDP projects in Chile on \"Applications of Nuclear Technology for Industry, Medicine and Agriculture\" and \" Environmental and Technical Site Selection for a Nuclear Power Plant (1974-1980)Researcher in the Junta de Energia Nuclear of Spain in Reactor Physics and Technology(1954-1974 and 1980-1984)Section Head for technical assistance for Europe and Middle East in the International Atomic Energy Agency (1984-1989)Advisor for Energy and Environment in the Centro de Investigaciones Energeticas, Medioambientales y Tecnologicas (CIEMAT) (1989 1997)Member of the Board of Governors of the Joint Reseach Center (1991-1997)Member of the Executive Committee of the Greenhouse Gas Research and Development Programme of the International Energy Agency(1993-1997)Professor of Thermodinamics in the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (1992-1997)Coordinator of the Joule project \" Externalities of the Fuel Cycles \" EXTERN -E National Implementation.Coordinator of the Joule Project \"Prefeasibility Studies for the Introduction of Renewable Energies in South Mediterranean Region \" INTERSUDMEDParticipant in other European projects related with energy and environment as SENSER, MEDENERGY, BIOSTR


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