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Dr. Jesús María Latorre Canteli

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Visiting Researcher
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Jesus Maria Latorre Canteli is a Researcher at the Institute for Research in Technology. He received the degree in Electronics Engineering in 2001 and the PhD degree in 2007 from Comillas Pontifical University. His activity at the Institute has consisted primarily in consulting projects related to the modeling and optimization of the planning and operation of electric power and gas markets, the impact of the integration of renewables and the electric vehicle, as well as the technical and economic assessment of the reinforcement of interconnections between national electric systems. As a result, he has published over 12 papers in international journals. He has also lectured in digital electronics and computing in the ICAI School of Engineering. His specialization areas include operations research, stochastic programming, mathematical modeling, and data analysis.

Areas of interest:

Operations research and modeling. Stochastic programming. Data analysis. Parallel and distributed computing.

Journal Publications

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Conference Papers

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International Exchanges

  • Jul - Aug 2012, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet (NTNU). Trondheim (Norway).
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Invited Conferences and Seminars

  • Seminar "Parallel computation". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Apr 2014.
  • Seminar "Visual basic for applications". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Feb 2014.
  • Seminar "Visual basic for applications". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Apr 2013.
  • Seminar "Visual Basic for applications". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Mar 2012.
  • Conference "Modeling start-up & shut-down ramps of thermal units in unit-commitment formulations" Workshop "Advanced Optimisation methods and their applications to unit commitment in energy management". Paris (France). Nov 2011.
  • Seminar "Visual Basic for applications". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Mar 2011.
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Organization of Scientific Meetings

  • Organization of "14th IEEE PowerTech Conference 2021" Assistant program chair and web management. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Power and Energy Society (IEEE PES); y Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Jun - Jul 2021.
  • Organization of "International Colloquium on «Large Wind-Power Plants: Interaction, Control and Integration» - WINDFARMS 2017" WINDFARMS 2017 . Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). May - Jun 2017.
  • Organization of "7th Conference on the European Energy Market - EEM10". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Jul 2009 - Jun 2010.
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Fellowships and Awards

  • «Smart charging profiles for electric vehicles» "Best Student Paper Prize on «9th International Conference on Computational Management Science»". Imperial College London. London (United Kingdom). Apr 2012.
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