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Dr. Fidel Fernández Bernal

Current position:
Senior Associate Professor
Research Area:
Electric Power Systems
Association date:
AA25. D-307
Phone Number:
+34 91 542-2800 ext. 2385

Areas of interest:

Dynamics of electrical systems. Motor control. Renewable energies integration.


He was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1968. He received the B.S. degree (1990), the M.S degree (1994), and his PhD degree (2000) in Electrical Engineering from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid, Spain. From 1988 to 1992 he was working as programmer and system manager in different companies. From 1990 to 2000 he was Lecturer in the Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid. He was recipient of the \\\'Best B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering in Spain in 1990\\\' prize, and the \\\'Honourable Mention\\\' for his M.S. degree. Currently, he works as profesor (2000) and chief of the Electrical Dpt. of ICAI.

Journal Publications


Conference Papers

Books and Book chapters


  • "Static exciter system for generators". Owner(s): Alstom Technology Ltd. Priority country: Switzerland. (Nov 2015)

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