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Dr. Antonio Muñoz San Roque

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AA25. D-500
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+34 91 542-2800 ext. 6255
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Time series forecasting. Data mining. Application of artificial intelligence techniques to the monitoring and diagnosis of industrial processes. Analog electronics and digital signal processing.


Antonio Muñoz San Roque obtained the PhD (1996) and the MSc (1991) degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid. He joined the Institute for Research in Technology (IIT) in 1992 where he is now a research fellow in the Intelligent Systems Research Area. He is a Professor of the Electronics Department at the ICAI School of Engineering of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas. His areas of interest include the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to the monitoring and diagnosis of industrial processes, nonlinear time series forecasting and Data analytics and Machine Learning in electricity markets. At the IIT he became Deputy Director in 2002 and Director of the Institute from 2008 to 2010. In 2010 he was appointed as Vice-dean for Academic Affairs at the Engineering School until 2018, when he was elected as Dean.

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