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Dña. Anne Maren Coll Franck

Current position:
Research Assistant
Research Area:
Association date:
SM26. P-301
Phone extension number:
+34 91 542-2800 ext. 2709


Anne Coll Franck (1998) studied her Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering (2016-2020) at the University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M). In 2019 she received an Excellence Award for her academic performance from her university and in 2020 she graduated as valedictorian. During her last bachelor's year, she collaborated with the Department of Thermal and Fluids Engineering at UC3M and she did her Bachelor's Thesis on new cooling systems for photovoltaic cells. She was granted a scholarship by the Gregorio Millán Barbany Institute to pursue a Master's Degree in Industrial Mathematics (2020-2022), also at UC3M. She did her Master's Thesis in collaboration with the Unity of Nuclear Safety Research of the Spanish Energy Research Center CIEMAT, where she worked on a CFD model of a dry cask that stores spent nuclear fuel.

In March 2022 she joined the Institute for Research in Technology (IIT) at the University Pontificia Comillas as a Research Assistant. Currently, she works on a project related to the modelling and prediction of gas and electricity demand, under the supervision of Dr. Sánchez Úbeda.

Areas of interest:

Mathematical modelling, statistical learning, machine learning, CFD (Computational Fluids Dynamics), energy.