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Dr. Antonio Bello Morales

Current position:
Assistant Researcher
Research Area:
Energy Systems Modeling
Association date:
SM26. D-204
Phone Number:
+34 91 542-2800 ext. 2716
Google Scholar ID:

Areas of interest:

Risk management support, energy forecasting, energy market modelling, planning of electricity and gas markets, artificial intelligence.


Antonio Bello is a Researcher at the Institute for Research in Technology (IIT) of ICAI School of Engineering at Comillas Pontifical University. Antonio holds an Industrial Engineering degree from Comillas Pontifical University-ICAI and a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the same university, with a dissertation about probabilistic forecasting of electricity prices, defended in 2016. Throughout his career, he has participated in over 30 research and consultancy projects dealing with operation, simulation models, planning of electricity markets, energy forecasting and risk management support. He has published numerous papers in national and international journals and conference proceedings on these topics. Antonio Bello has been a visiting researcher at London Business School (London-United Kingdom).


Conference Papers

International exchanges

  • Sep 2015, Management Science: Energy Market Group, London Business School. London (United Kingdom).
  • Sep - Nov 2014, Management Science and Operations Faculty, London Business School. London (United Kingdom).

Other Activities

  • Ayudante en la organización del Workshop «Risk and time series methods for electricity prices and asset performance». . London Business School. London (United Kingdom). Nov 2014.

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