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Standardization and harmonization of the flexibility market in the Spanish and European electricity wholesale market

Increasing the coordination between local flexibility markets and existing wholesale electricity markets: a qualitative assessment Local flexibility markets are gaining popularity due to their ability to utilize distributed resources to provide energy and ancillary services. From an optimistic viewpoint, local markets are temporary solutions till these resources can directly participate in the existing wholesale markets. A preliminary step towards achieving the integration of new and existing markets is to increase the coordination between them and create synergies wherever possible. In this master thesis, the possible coordination potential between local flexibility markets and wholesale electricity markets will be studied. The coordination potential will be analyzed along dimensions such as market phases and market architecture. Later, a comparative analysis of market coordination potential in different European countries will be carried out, identifying any regulatory barriers to coordination. The outcome of the thesis is to create an overview of good practices in designing local markets that can increase the efficiency of the overall electricity system.


Diego Sagaz Spottorno

Offered in

  • Máster en Ingeniería Industrial (electrónico) - (MII-N)