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ENGINITE: Energy Transition through Integration of Distribution Operation and Planning Models

Embarking on the frontier of applied research for the electricity sector, our proposed activity deals with the application of an advanced techno-economic modelling methodologies on acquisition mechanisms (i.e., connection agreements, network tariffs, flexibility markets, etc) for pivotal system services (i.e., frequency control, congestion management, voltage support). A state-of-the-art simulation platform, born from these models, will be developed as a post-doc activity to unlock detailed quantitative analyses, mirroring real-world intricacies. By modelling the interactions and interdependencies among the acquisition mechanisms, this integrated approach aims to provide a more holistic and accurate representation of the system, leading to better-informed decision-making and more efficient mechanism designs.

Contacts: Matteo Troncia (PI) matteo.troncia@iit.comillas.edu; José Pablo Chaves Ávila jose.chaves@comillas.edu 


The candidate must have a PhD degree in engineering and scientific publications in the area of the research to be developed (electricity system modelling, electricity market modelling). The candidate must have advanced knowledge and demonstrable experience in coding for model development (Python, Gurobipy, pandapower, Docker, etc). Good knowledge in the European electricity market landscape.

Advanced level of English and Spanish fluency.

What do we offer?

The chance to tackle pressing real-world challenges that utilities, regulators, and citizens are facing to unlock the benefits the energy transition promises for the electricity sector. The opportunity to conduct top-notch research for a good cause in a multidisciplinary environment. A chance to work in the dynamic Institute for Research in Technology, located in the heart of Madrid. A competitive salary of around  35022€. Longer-term contract as a researcher is possible based on performance. 3 years contract


Curriculum Vitae, academic record, cover letter, and two recommendation letters.