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Artificial Intelligence applied to thermal management of buildings

The candidate will join a team working on a project on how to apply AI to control the thermal management of buildings. The tasks will include understanding the current regulations in this field in order to collect data on the variables that can have a major influence. This will involve analysing relationships of independence, correlation, etc. In addition, clustering algorithms, predictive models and optimisation models will be implemented to maximise comfort. The project allows to see the practical application of all these techniques.


Bachelor's or Master's degree in engineering. Programming skills. Organisational and work systematisation skills. High level of English (minimum C1). Availability to travel.

What do we offer?

Full-time annual contract for the development of the projects. In addition, training activities may be carried out. This modality allows the pre-doctoral researcher to establish a very close professional relationship with the companies with which he/she collaborates, thus nourishing his/her research with the experience accumulated while carrying out the projects. Initially, this modality does not necessarily imply that the pre-doctoral researcher joins a PhD programme directly. Admission to a PhD programme can be applied for during the first two years.  The predoctoral researcher is recruited each year for a maximum period of six years. The contract of a pre-doctoral researcher who is not enrolled in a PhD programme cannot exceed two years. The gross salary for the first year is € 25896 for the year 2023. Additionally, the IIT covers 90% of the fees for training activities and you will have access to all services offered by the University (Sports, Cultural Activities, Library, etc.).