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Parking place demand and offer assignment

M. Alvar, A. Arranz, A. Ramos, A. Sánchez, J. Villar

This paper proposes a mathematical optimization model to address the parking place demand and offer assignment problem. Starting from job assignment and timetabling problems, some new constraints and modifications are made in order to adapt them to this kind of problem. The parking place assignment model takes into account the preferences of the users to park in an already known parking place and the distance between demanded and offered parking places. It is stated with a daily scope and executed on an hourly basis modifying the assignments already made, depending on the confirmation of the clients. Using randomly generated parameters, several case studies are presented that show the strength of the current approach.

Palabras clave: Car parking places; assignment; scheduling; timetabling

Fecha de Registro: 01/04/2009


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