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Información del Working Paper

The role of technologies in dealing with energy poverty issues

R. Barrella


The dual green and digital transition is both a challenge and an opportunity to improve citizens' well-being while reducing GHG emissions. However, social aspects must be adequately considered when designing and implementing this society’s transformation.
This chapter explores them, particularly focusing on the function of digital tools and technologies in addressing domestic energy poverty. Decision-makers and stakeholders should pay particular attention to vulnerable groups that are starting this transition from disadvantaged positions. For instance, elderly and low-income households are deeply affected by energy and digital divides. On the other hand, the chapter analyses how web tools, IoT and Blockchain can be used to instruct policymakers and empower citizens to boost a just Twin Transition and fight against energy poverty.
Eventually, the findings show that mitigation measures must be holistic to consider each country’s characteristics and promote systemic and policy changes. Moreover, they should provide all citizens with adequate instruments to make them active and informed actors in the Twin Transition.

Resumen divulgativo:

Este capítulo explora los aspectos sociales de la Transición Gemela, centrándose especialmente en la función de las herramientas y tecnologías digitales a la hora de abordar la pobreza energética doméstica.

Palabras clave: Digital technologies; energy poverty; Twin Transition

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