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Energy poverty definition and measurement in the Iberian peninsula: can interchange lead to improved diagnosis

P. Palma, R. Barrella, J.P. Gouveia, J.C. Romero


Energy Poverty affects millions of people in Europe, with higher incidence and intensity in southern European countries like Portugal and Spain. Both nations have developed national strategies, proposing an official definition and indicators for diagnosis and monitoring. This paper aims to critically analyse and compare the energy poverty diagnosis advanced by both countries, supported by a review of state-of-art scientific literature and approaches implemented in existing policies. Despite the specific configurations of energy poverty across populations, results show several similarities in the diagnosis approaches, uncovering considerable potential for improvement that could be explored with cross-exchange of learnings and good practices.

Resumen divulgativo:

Este documento pretende analizar críticamente y comparar los diagnósticos de pobreza energética avanzados en la Península Ibérica (Portugal y España), apoyándose en una revisión de la literatura científica de vanguardia y de los enfoques implementados en las políticas existentes.

Palabras clave: fuel poverty; diagnosis; indicators;

Fecha de Registro: 27/10/2023


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