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Información de la Tesis Doctoral

Technology diffusion models in power system planning and policy design

Fabian Heymann

Dirigida por V. Miranda, F.J. Soares, P. Dueñas

12 de mayo de 2020


This thesis is dedicated to the study of technology adoption patterns and their prediction in space and time.
For the case study of Continental Portugual, a combined spatial and non-spatial framework to characterize technology adopters is presented. The framework is using non-parametric inference methods rooted in Information Theory and explorative spatial data mining techniques.
On this ground, a rigorous analysis of various models to represent technology adoption dynamics is conducted.
Providing a simulation-based spatiotemporal technology adoption model, studies assess the uncertainties introduced by poor representations of technology adoption dynamics in electricity network planning.
In addition, the simulation-based model was used to investigate the effects of energy policy changes on technology adoption patterns. Such studies allow to define optimized incentive designs derived from steering technology adoption towards reduced systemic impacs.

F. Heymann (2020), Technology diffusion models in power system planning and policy design. Oporto (Portugal).

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