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Reliability assessment of composite systems containing mixed hydro thermal generation

Jaime Román Úbeda

Dirigida por Ronald N. Allan

A power system has to be able to deliver electrical energy to all points of utilisation within acceptable economical and reliable levels. Therefore, reliability assessments are necessary in the planning and operating stages of the management of electric power systems in order to ensure a high degree of reliability at a reasonable cost. The main aim of this research has been the development of models and techniques for the reliability evaluation of composite hydro electric systems, within a sequential simulation procedure. These models and techniques have allowed extensive studies of the factors that determine the performance of this type of system and the comprehensive description of the reliability by means of density and indices estimates. Only sequential simulation has been used in the studies presented in this thesis. Simulation techniques for power system reliability evaluation are discussed in this thesis. Models and algorithms for composite hydro electric systems are described. The influence of significant factors affecting the performance of this type of system is addressed. The description of power system reliability not only by means of average indices but also by means of density estimates is shown. The computer implementation of the above mentioned models and algorithms, together with the statistical techniques needed for processing the information obtained from the simulation itself are described. The reliability and performance of hydro termal generating systems, composite system and composite hydro thermal systems are analysed using sequential simulation.

University of Manchester. Manchester (Reino Unido)

01 de febrero de 1991

J. Román (1991), Reliability assessment of composite systems containing mixed hydro thermal generation. University of Manchester. Manchester (Reino Unido).

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