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Review of support schemes for renewable energy sources in South America

C. Batlle, L.A. Barroso

This article reviews the current experiences implemented to date in the South American region to promote non-conventional renewable energy sources. We briefly describe first the particular characteristics of the territory which make it so appealing for the RES deployment. Then we scour the continent examining the mechanisms implemented to date. We conclude by just pointing out what should be expected for the years to come. The authors aim to contribute to fill in the current lack of state of the art, not only for South American audience, but also for those seeking for new ?green business? opportunities.

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IAEE Newsletter. Volumen: Third Quarter Páginas: 27-31

Publicado en papel: Julio 2011.

C. Batlle, L.A. Barroso. Review of support schemes for renewable energy sources in South America. IAEE Newsletter. vol. Third Quarter, pp. 27-31, Julio 2011.

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  • *Diseño y regulación de mercados energéticos

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