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Wind generation in adequacy calculations and capacity markets in different power system control zones

L. Söder, A. Estanqueiro, D. Flynn, B.M. Hodge, J. Kiviluoma, M. Korpas, E. Neau, A. Couto, P. Pudjianto, G. Strbac, D.L. Burke, T. Gómez, K. Das

Generation capacity adequacy is a major issue in most power systems, but there are many approaches which can be assessed. Power system planners often define target values for the capacity adequacy, which may be achieved through capacity markets/auctions, capacity reserves, or capacity purchases. Wind power contributes to the generation capacity adequacy of the power system since there is a possibility that wind power will generate in high load situations and thereby decreases the risk of generation capacity deficit compared to the system without this source. The contribution is probabilistic - as it is with any other source, since nothing is 100% reliable - but the capacity value fo wind power is significantly smaller compared to the capacity value of conventional fossil-fueled plants. In this article, an overview of the fundamental challenges in the regulation of capacity adequacy as well as how wind power is treated in some selected existing jurisdictions is presented. The jurisdictions that are included are Sweden, Great Britain, France, Ireland, United States (PJM), Finland, Portugal, Spain, Norway and Denmark.

Keywords: Wind power, integration, power system, capacity credit, adequacy, capacity markets

Publicado: octubre 2018.

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