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Energy storage systems for frequency stability enhancement in small-isolated power systems

I. Egido, L. Sigrist, E. Lobato, L. Rouco, A. Barrado, P. Fontela, J. Magriñá

Frequency stability is one of the most relevant issues in operation of small isolated power systems. High penetration of renewals may significantly affect frequency stability of isolated power systems since renewable energy sources connected to the grid through power electronic interfaces do not provide either inertia or primary frequency regulation. This paper describes a research and demonstration project led by Endesa aimed at testing the state of the art of energy storage systems in isolated power system. Power systems of the Spanish Canary Islands will be used as test bench. The paper shows the contribution of La Palma ultra-capacitor and La Gomera flywheel to frequency stability and control enhancement.

Keywords: Isolated power systems, Energy storage systems, Frequency stability

Publicado: marzo 2015.

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