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A tool for hydro energy scheduling and bidding in the Spanish framework

A. Ramos, M. Rivier, M. Ventosa, S. Arroyo, L. Palacios, M. Rey

The paper describes a unified approach for maximizing the contribution margin of each company and simultaneously determining the production of hydro units by using a stochastic nested decomposition algorithm. This approach allows keeping all the system operation details while defining the strategic or marginal behavior of the companies. Modeling characteristics of hydro units depends on the generator ownership. The inernal hydroelectric reservoir chains are represented in fully detail while external hydro plants are aggregated into subsystems. The main results of the model are hydro energy quantities for the different time steps from long, medium and short-term. At the closer step this quantity is transformed by a postprocessor module into energy and price offered by each generator for each hour of the next day to be sent to the market operator.

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HydroVision98. Reno, NV (USA). Julio 1998.

Publicado: julio 1998.

    Líneas de investigación:
  • *Planificación táctica a medio plazo


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