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Información del capítulo de libro

Power system concepts for a Lunar base

S. Lumbreras, D. Pérez

En el libro The human factor in the settlement of the moon: an interdisciplinary approach

Springer International Publishing, Heidelberg, Alemania


The design of the power system for a Lunar base is full of interesting challenges. The system must include infrastructure for generating, storing, and distributing energy. All these systems must be optimized for weight, given that the single largest cost component is the transportation of materials. The characteristics of the Moon mean that solar power is the most attractive alternative, either by installing panels on the surface (currently the cheapest alternative), or by setting them in orbit. Nuclear power can be an interesting complement to solar given its constant availability.

The transmission of energy from an in-orbit solar generator could be achieved by Microwave or Laser Distance Power Transmission. Then, the power would likely be distributed by a DC network built on underground aluminium cables.

The development of a Lunar base could fuel the development of key technologies both for Earth and deep-space applications, in addition to fostering a new era in space exploration and being a stepping stone on our way to Mars. This chapter presents an introductory discussion on the topic, together with references to in depth analyses.

Resumen divulgativo:

El libro presenta en detalle cómo podría ser una base en la luna. El capítulo muestra cómo suministrarle electricidad y considera tecnologías emergentes como paneles en órbita o transmisión por microondas.

Editores: Rappaport, M.B.; Szocik, K.

ISBN: 978-3-030-81387-1

Publicado: 2021

S. Lumbreras, D. Pérez, Power system concepts for a Lunar base, en The human factor in the settlement of the moon: an interdisciplinary approach. Editores Rappaport, M.B.; Szocik, K.. Ed. Springer International Publishing. Heidelberg, Alemania, 2021.

    Líneas de investigación:
  • Planificación integrada de generación y transporte

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