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Cost and benefit analysis in the SuSTAINABLE demos

L. González, P. Frías, C. Mateo, J. Nunes, D. Alves Lopes

Motivation Smart grid research projects are necessary to further develop new technologies and systems, which are expected to improve the planning and operation of the electric system. This will be one of the keys to mature technologies and get them at an affordable cost. Nevertheless, the evaluation of the cost benefit ratio is necessary to assess up to what extent the application of such techniques makes already sense nowadays. It must be taken into account that even if the cost benefit analyses were currently negative, the improvement of the technologies, and their introduction into the system at a larger scale, could decrease their cost further, making them a reasonable option in the near future. Approach This report describes the Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) methodology defined for the assessment of the functionalities involved in the SuSTAINABLE concept. The methodology for the cost benefit analysis is based on the guidelines defined by the European Commission (EC) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) for conducting CBA in Smart Grid projects. It is based on the evaluation of a set of KPIs to take into account all the relevant variables that can affect the cost benefit evaluation. In particular, this document investigates three demos, trying to quantify costs and benefits related to: […]


Entidad financiadora: Comisión Europea. FP7-ENERGY

Fecha de publicación: 31-12-2015


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