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KPI Assessment methodology

N. Hatziargyriou, S. Papathanassiou, G. Korres, P. Georgilakis, A. Dimeas, D. Koukoula, K. Strunz, J. Peças, L. González, S. Abdelrahman, P. Godinho Matos, D. Lopes, A. A. Messias

This deliverable provides the KPIs and the KPIs’ assessment methodology for the pilot installations and the proof of concept demonstration networks of the SuSTAINABLE project. Starting with the KPIs defined within the EEGI framework (Level 1 and Level 2 KPIs), the document focuses on the Level 3 KPIs that will be used to evaluate quantitatively the benefits of the methods and functionalities developed within Sustainable and applied on the actual pilot and demonstration networks. The Level 3 KPIs are adopted from the DoW and are optimized, as follows: 1) Deferred Transmission and Distribution Capacity Investment; 2) Reduction of Technical Losses 3) Allowable maximum DG power without branch overload and voltage limit violations; 4) Share of electrical energy produced by Renewable sources; 5) Voltage and Power Quality performance indices; 6) Reduction of Carbon Emissions; 7) Reduction in RES cut-off due to congestion; 8) Optimized use of Assets A detailed definition and calculation formulas are also provided in the present document. Finally, a number of indices to evaluate the accuracy and quality of the developed algorithms is provided as a Level 4 KPIs.


Entidad financiadora: Comisión Europea. FP7-ENERGY

Fecha de publicación: 31-12-2013


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