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Scenarios and roadmap for deployment of EV in three European regions: recommendations for policy makers and regulators

M. Rivier, I. Momber, C. Batlle, P. Rodilla, M.F. Calleja, A. González Bordagaray, E. Meroño Sierra, V. Alimisis, J.P. Tomé Saraiva, N. Hatziargyriou, V. Lioliou, K. Kanellopoulos, P. Andrianesis, A.F. Raab, K. Strunz

Deliverable D5.3 aims at providing Policy and Regulatory recommendations to foster the EV integration in relation with electricity grids. D5.1 has analysed agents’ roles and possible business models focused on the interaction of Evs with the electricity networks. D5.2, by means of an expert survey, has analysed and identified for several European countries the regulatory and market design barriers that may hinder massive EV deployment. This deliverable provides a roadmap for EV penetration from a policy and regulatory point of view. As stated in D5.2 three different phases in the EV deployment have been identified. The priorities of each phase will differ very much and therefore the regulatory and policy recommendations should adapt to the main goal of each phase. 1. Phase I: Catalyst Phase 2. Phase II: Consolidation Phase 3. Phase III: Advanced Phase A coherent roadmap for policy drivers and regulatory recommendations has been set for the three phases in Chapter 2. Because no major differences have been detected among the studied European countries, a common general model, the MERGE model, is presented, in the spirit of a joint European Union. Then specific chapters, as appendixes of the document, are devoted to describe particular concerns of the studied countries: Portugal, Spain, Greece, Germany and UK. This is a summary of the main policy drivers and regulatory recommendations of the common MERGE model.

Proyecto del IIT: MERGE_EU_FP7 (MERGE)

Entidad financiadora: Comisión Europea. FP7 - Cooperation / Energy

Fecha de publicación: 20-01-2012


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