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Description of market mechanism (regulations, economic incentives and contract estructures) wich enable active demand participation in the power system

V. Alagna, L. Cauret, M. Entem, C. Evens, W. Fritz, M. Hashmi, J. Mutale, P. Linares, M. Lombardi, S. Melin, F. Petterson, D. Six, M. Trotignon, Ch. Yuen

Previous activities of the ADDRESS Project have identified numerous potential - technical, socio-economic, regulatory - barriers against the development of Active Demand (AD). In particular, they have pointed out those dealing with contratual, regulatory and market issues. One of the objectives of the project was to analyse these three last categories of barriers in order to recommend solutions that may be appropiate to eliminate them. […]


Entidad financiadora: Comisión Europea. FP7 - Cooperation / Energy

Fecha de publicación: 31-05-2011


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