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New actors and business models for the integration of EV in power systems

M. Rivier, T. Gómez, R. Cossent, I. Momber


Electric power systems are facing a major new challenge (and hence opportunity): the future massive integration into the electric grid of hybrid/pure electric plug-in vehicles (EV). “Mobile Energy Resources for Grids of Electricity" (MERGE) is a major EU-financed project to prepare the European electricity grid for the spread of electric vehicles. This deliverable, being the first of three reports on regulatory issues for the efficient integration of EV, has the objective to focus on the new actors and business models involved arising at mass EV deployment. This task provides a vision with a qualitative assessment of how power system participants will be affected by the deployment of EV. Finally different business models for retailers, aggregators, charging point managers, distribution system operators as well as transmission system operators are developed assessing the threats and opportunities for each agent under this new situation. The perspectives are complemented by the final EV user’s point of view as well as the automotive industry’s standpoint. This report presents qualitative analysis of possible future arrangements of charging processes. It does not provide a quantitative assessment on probabilities of occurrence of these charging modes nor on the costs associated. It assumes that the deployment of EV will bring significant environmental advantages to the transportation sector of the future and therefore over the next decade there will be a strong effort to foster the market penetration by appropriate regulatory frameworks and legislative decision. In order to account for the timely scope and the likeliness of charging modes to appear, this report proposes two different stages of charging control alternatives: i) short-term modes based on uncontrolled or basic control modes, and ii) long-term modes where V2G applications are implemented. […]

Proyecto del IIT: MERGE_EU_FP7 (MERGE)

Entidad financiadora: Comisión Europea. FP7 - Cooperation / Energy

Fecha de publicación: 04-02-2011


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