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Evaluation of market mechanisms: challenges and opportunities

E. Beckstedde, L. Meeus, A. Ramos, K. Kessels, J. Vanschoenwinkel, M. Kaffash, E. Heylen, M. Troncia, J.P. Chaves, R. Cossent, et al.


1. Executive Summary
This deliverable aims to evaluate different implementation options of flexibility markets from a multi-stakeholder perspective and to support the flexibility market design of the EUniversal demos. To collect the information of the different stakeholders, six internal EUniversal workshops and one workshop including both partners from inside and outside the EUniversal project were organized. Chapter 2 outlines the methodology and course of the workshops, and Chapter 3 summarizes the business use cases and key characteristics of the three EUniversal demos. The discussion and findings of the workshops are categorized into eight main design challenges that were most relevant for the EUniversal demos and four other design choices that must be considered when implementing flexibility markets, of which a detailed description can be found in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 respectively. [...]

Proyecto del IIT: EUniversal (EUniversal)

Entidad financiadora: European Comission. H2020 – LC-ES-1-2019

Fecha de publicación: 29-07-2022


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