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Addressing export concerns in the CBAM file

K. Neuhoff, O. Chiappinelli, T. Gerres, R. Ismer, T. Köveker, P. Linares, J.C. Richstein


The EU Green Deal can offer European industry investment opportunities for transitioning towards climate neutrality. It also offers a long-term perspective to investors to motivate them to maintain sites and staff through the current crisis.

This policy brief by the Climate Friendly Materials Platform discusses how the CBAM file (carbon border adjustment mechanism) and EU ETS file (free allocation) together can play a major role in creating effective incentives for a climate-friendly modernisation of European industry while addressing leakage concerns.

The authors argue a CBAM based on standardised values (climate contribution) offers an alternative to the EU Commission proposal. It would ensure effective carbon price incentives on the EU Single Market without carbon leakage and independent from third countries’ climate actions.

In combination with Carbon Contracts for Difference, the approach brings the following benefits:

Fecha de publicación: 01-03-2022


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