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OneNet priorities for KPIs, Scalability and Replicability in view of harmonised EU electricity markets

M. Troncia, M. Valarezo, R. Cossent, L. Lind, L. Olmos, J.P. Chaves


Executive Summary

Scope and motivation
The OneNet project aims to foster the conditions for a new generation of grid services that fully exploit demand response, storage, and distributed generation, creating at the same time fair, transparent, and open conditions for the consumer. This goal is pursued by proposing new markets, products, services, and a unique IT architecture characterised by innovative mechanisms of platform federation. The OneNet project considers flexibility and digitalisation as key resources and enablers for the evolution of the electricity system by addressing flexibility market unlocking, TSO-DSO cooperation enhancement, renewable energy sources (RES) integration, network operation improvement, and stabilisation of future grid connection costs. The OneNet project involves 15 European countries pursuing regional cross-border cooperation among demonstrators to create a base of knowledge on the proposed solutions.
Within OneNet Task 2.4, Deliverable 2.4 contributes to the OneNet project by defining the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the methodology for scalability and replicability analysis (SRA) to assess the impacts of the OneNet solutions. This Deliverable describes the collaborative process undertaken to identify and define the KPIs for assessing the performances of the OneNet demonstrators’ activities. The harmonisation of the KPI definitions to reach project-wide KPIs and the devised methodology for scalability and replicability will allow evaluating the impacts of the OneNet solutions on a European scale. Moreover, in this Deliverable, the gaps and challenges concerning the KPI definition and the scalability and replicability analysis are identified to provide recommendations to address the following OneNet Tasks. OneNet Task 2.4 outcome represents an input for OneNet Task 11.4. [...]

Proyecto del IIT: OneNet (OneNet)

Entidad financiadora: European Commission. H2020 – LC-SC3-ES-5-2018-2020

Fecha de publicación: 28-12-2021


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