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Modernization of the Peruvian electricity system. Pillar 3: innovation in distribution and retail. Final deliverable: best practices and recommendations

T. Gómez, P. Rodilla, R. Cossent, P. Mastropietro

The objective of this final deliverable is to provide the conceptual models and regulatory proposals related to innovation in distribution and retail for the Peruvian reform. These recommendations are based on the best practices identified from the revision of international experiences in the first deliverable (which can be found below this final report), and starting from the current context in Peru propose gradual changes, some of them to be implemented in the short-term, while others in future stages, after gaining experience with the new models. […]

Proyecto del IIT: 2021_Eje3_LibroBlanco_Peru (2021_Eje3_LibroBlanco_Peru)

Entidad financiadora: World Bank.

Fecha de publicación: 01-06-2021


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