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Uncertainty integration and representation of time horizon for long-term models

S. Wogrin, I.C. González-Romero, D.A. Tejada, J.J. Valentín Vírseda, T. Gómez, E. Centeno

This report aims to assess and determine the best ways to represent short-term details in longer-term models such that the computational tractability of these long-term models is maintained while the accuracy of the results is not compromised. First, we analyze different options of representing short-term details (e.g., such as varying Renewable Energy (RE) production) in long-term models while aiming for both computational tractability of models and accuracy of results. Second, we also explore the different ways to incorporate both short-term (e.g., uncertainty due to intermittent renewable production) and long-term uncertainties (e.g., RE policies, fuel prices, demand evolution) in long-term models and evaluate them depending on their suitability for long-term transmission and generation expansion models.[…]

Proyecto del IIT: STEXEM (STEXEM)

Entidad financiadora: Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad.

Fecha de publicación: 01-12-2020


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