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Stakeholder consultation

R. Cossent, L. Lind, C. Valor, C. Escudero

The identification of disruptive business models is one of the core objectives of InteGrid. The successful development and implementation of these business models strongly depend on i) appropriate regulatory conditions, ii) their economic feasibility, and iii) the direct or indirect involvement of several stakeholders. This report addresses the last of these aspects by presenting the methodology, scope and outcomes of a consultation carried out among key institutional stakeholders about their views on the BMs proposed. The stakeholder selection was based on the mapping exercise that had been previously performed and is presented in D7.5. Accordingly, the list of participants included 31 representatives from industrial consumers, energy regulators, policy-makers, DER owners, TSOs, DSOs, retailers, aggregators, ESCOs and data service providers. The consultation covered experts from four European countries, namely Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia and Spain. […]

Proyecto del IIT: InteGrid (InteGrid)

Entidad financiadora: Comisión Europea. H2020

Fecha de publicación: 06-07-2020


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