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Energy poverty will increase with the COVID-19 crisis. Time for a right to energy!

R. Barbosa, R. Barrella, S. Bouzarovski, R. Castaño-Rosa, E. Chatzikonstantinou, M. Cornelis, M. Dereniowska, A. Dobbins, U. Dubois, E. Gaydarova, K. Grossmann, R. Guyet, F. Hanke, M. Hesselman, A. Horta, et al.

What if, when lockdowns were announced, you could not switch on your TV to check the news, not video call your family nor stay warm at day and night? What if every time you cooked a hot meal, or your child went online for school, you would worry because of the upcoming energy bill? What if, as a consequence of the economic slowdown, you lost your job? The COVID-19 crisis is generating new problems everywhere, regardless of the country, region, the level of economic development or the cultural and educational background of people. We, a group of energy poverty scholars and experts, believe that the coronavirus outbreak shows once more that energy and energy services are essential ingredients to a safe, healthy, and decent life. Therefore, we call for an informed European debate on a right to energy and energy services. This should be accompanied by solid scientific actions on how to deal with the current situation, how to prepare for the aftermath and how to foster the evolution towards a new normal where energy poverty is kept off, with the aim to consolidate it in an innovative Energy Solidarity Pact.

Fecha de publicación: 01-05-2020


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