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Industrial innovation: pathways to deep decarbonisation of industry part 3: policy implications

O. Chiappinelli, K. Erdmann, T. Gerres, M. Haussner, I. Juergens, K. Neuhoff, A. Pirlot, J.C. Richstein, Y. Chan

The Paris Agreement on climate change aims to keep the rise in global temperature to below 2°C and to try to limit the increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. To achieve these targets, energy-intensive sectors will need to significantly reduce their emissions. The extent to which key EU industrial sectors can benefit and contribute to a climate-neutral future depends on their ability to implement existing mitigation technologies, and on the continued development and commercialization of new products and breakthrough technologies. The project takes a perspective to 2050 and beyond and analyses the technologies, pathways to 2050 and the policy mix needed for implementation.

Fecha de publicación: 02-03-2020


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