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Report of functionalities and services of the Spanish demo

J.P. Chaves, T. Gómez, L. Lind, M.A. Sánchez Fornié, L. Olmos


This deliverable reports on CoordiNet task 3.1 “Characterization of the Spanish demo” which describes the main characteristics of the Spanish demo. The document presents the different demonstrator sites including the description of the resources, networks’ characteristics, more specific definition of the products considered, an updated description of the Business Use Cases, current system operations, platforms and the developments necessary to realize the Spanish demo. Renewable generation units considered are connected at e-distribución, I-DE and REE at high, medium and low voltage levels. Demand-side resources considered are connected at low and medium voltages at edistribución in Malaga and at i-DE in Alicante and Murcia. Cádiz and Albacete demo sites involve renewable sources, mainly wind power. In both locations, voltage control, common congestion management and balancing BUCs will be tested. For these resources, as most of the units currently participate in the markets, the specific developments required for the demos are not numerous. However, voltage control is a new service where the product and the market framework still need to be defined and agreed between the TSO and DSO. Figure 1 shows the locations, flexibility technologies, services, products and coordination schemes considered in the Spanish demo. […]

Proyecto del IIT: Coordinet (Coordinet)

Entidad financiadora: Comisión Europea. Horizon 2020 – Cooperation / Energy

Fecha de publicación: 31-01-2020


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