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Toolbox for aggregator of flexible demand

P. Koponen, J. Ikäheimo, A. Vicino, A. Agnetis, G. De Pascale, N. Ruiz, J. Jimeno, E.F. Sánchez-Úbeda, P. García-González, R. Cossent

IEEE International Energy Conference - ENERGYCON 2012, Florencia (Italia). 09-12 septiembre 2012

Flexibility of distributed energy resources is increasingly needed in the electricity markets and grids. But this dispersed flexibility can be used efficiently only if it is aggregated to wholesale market products. A set of software tools was developed for an actor or a company who aggregates flexible household demand for the electricity market and network operators. The tools comprise 1) short term forecasting of electricity market prices, 2) forecasting loads and their responses to control signals, 3) optimal selection of the control signals and consequently also the responses in each situation, 4) relevant external interfaces, and 5) a database and coordinating logic that integrate the tools into toolbox software. In addition to the operational time horizon tools also tools were considered for longer term decision making such as support for development of a portfolio of retail and wholesale market contracts in order to manage risks and maximize the value of flexibility.

Palabras clave: Demand Response , aggregation of distributed energy resources , forecasting , optimization

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Fecha de publicación: septiembre 2012.

Koponen, P., Ikäheimo, J., Vicino, A., Agnetis, A., De Pascale, G., Ruiz, N., Jimeno, J., Sánchez-Úbeda, E.F., García-González, P., Cossent, R., Toolbox for aggregator of flexible demand, IEEE International Energy Conference - ENERGYCON 2012, Florencia (Italia). 09-12 septiembre 2012.

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