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Analysis of Business Models for emerging power system actors: Energy Communities

This thesis identifies the relevant aspects for integrating energy communities into the existing electricity market landscape. This thesis concerns an overview of the current regulatory framework for the energy communities in Europe and Spain. This thesis has the objective of analysing the possible business models (BM) for energy communities, including the identification of the relevant actors and roles in the energy communities' markets (e.g. consumer, producer, prosumer, aggregator, local market operator, local grid operator, DSO), analysis of current and future trends on value proposition, key activities, key resources, cost structure, and revenue streams to define for each actor a general role model for participation in the local market. This thesis also reviews the state of the art of research projects and scientific literature on services and products relevant to the energy communities. Both energy and system service products are of interest. Expected outcome: 1. Overview of the applicable regulation (European Union and Spain) 2. Identification of relevant energy communities case studies to be analysed (academic literature and project pilots) 3. Business Model Canvas analysis for the identified case studies 4. List of services and products relevant to the energy communities' business models


Marta Plaza Ramos

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