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Broadband PLC over Low Voltage grid pilot roll-out results assessment and full roll-out

The scope of this project is to perform the analysis of current Iberdrola’s BPL over LV grid roll-out, to assess the performance of current technology, and project those results to forecast and anticipate results in a prospective future full roll-out. • The project will involve a first phase of analysis real-time results of some hundreds of secondary substations already rolled-out with a market BPL technology, reaching smart meters’ building concentrations. • The project will continue with the analysis of the BPL in LV related aspects of the total footprint of Iberdrola’s Secondary Substations (SSs). This will provide a categorization of SSs that will lead to forecast their suitability for the roll-out. • The final deliverable will include a report with the range of SSs and their expected performance when working with current BPL over LV technology.


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